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Procuring government services could be a major hassle. Moreover, a lack of right information could cause wastage of time and money. HatupQ, therefore, helps you latch on to such basic services just with a tap.

Recognitions That Make us Proud

HatupQ Services

Driving License

Drive into the city confidently with a valid driving license for the various class of vehicles.


Relish your first International trip with a new passport or renew a passport to keep up with your foreign destinations.

Marriage Certificate

Register your marriage online to enfold your special moment in the form of a marriage certificate.

FSSAI License

Certify your food business with a food license approved by the authorities of FSSAI India.

Shop Establishment Cerificate

Validate your shop regulations with a shop establishment certificate approved by the Department of Labour.

GST Certificate

Get professional guidance for GST registration depending on your business requirements.

Why HatupQ?

HatupQ is an innovative solution to all your government documentation woes. Our team of experts ensures that your application is as perfect as it could ever be. We want you to be able to apply for government services just the way you shop online. HatupQ is your go-to place because the motive is time management. If you choose a personal service, the aim is to smoothen your journey to the government office. If you select a business service otherwise, the goal is to deliver the authorized document. Hence our vision is to eliminate any flaw in your documentation, subject to the desired service.

Online Application

We cross our heart when we say that our process is completely online. We process your applications only at verified government portals.

Dedicated Team

Our skilled team goes an extra mile to resolve all your queries. They intent to provide you with the best consultation, subject to the desired service.

Affordable Services

Our services favor quality. For that reason, we deliver promising services at absolutely affordable prices.

Guaranteed Approval

We know that document rejections can be extremely agonising. As as a result, we ensure that there is no way that your application gets rejected.

What makes HatupQ stand out?

As a part of the digital revolution, we made an intellectual effort to help our customers access all the mandatory government services easily. Gone are those days when it was almost impossible to apply for any government service without standing in long queues. That’s why HatupQ came up with the feature- “Skip Smartly”. A significant part of Digital India is online documentation and online payment options. Our objective is save as much time as we can by verifying the required documents and scheduling appointments.

We understand that when you apply for any government service, you are constantly wondering over its progress. Our team respects your concern and therefore provides regular updates of your application status. For services which require a government visit, our dedicated relationship managers offer a complete advisory on the instruction steps.

How it Works?

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What our Customers Say

I am really happy for their great service. I had a bit complicated case and wanted a passport and thanks to them, that when I applied with their help (which was my third attempt after failing 2 times when applied myself), i finally got it. They try their best to help you on every step. Fasbir Kalam

Fantastic service. The team is very supportive and takes care of every tiny bit of queries. None hassle faced so far! I really would like recommend every person to via them, instead of agent who charge heavy brokerage. Perfect service makes and happy customer! Kudos to the team! 🙂 Namrata Chinchanikar

Very professional and the work is perfect. They seems to have big vision and does not cheat you anyway, this was my first time experience with them where you need not follow but they will follow you and push for you to complete the work done in smooth way, hassle free. Gangadhar Talwar