Sorry We Are Closed 🙁

Dear Customers,

We started HatupQ with the sole purpose of making Government Processes easier and time-saving for citizens of India. We have served every customer with the utmost care. However, we failed to match the expectations of a few customers in our journey. But we have always listened to every feedback good or bad and have implemented the actions based on feedback.

Unfortunately, we are at a point where we will not be able to fulfill our promise of serving new and recent customers due to constraints on our end and don’t want to falter the quality of our services. As most of you would have already tried reaching us and wouldn’t have heard back. However, we had planned to complete all the cases but currently, we won’t be able to serve anymore. The reason being, our support team has already left without serving the minimum notice period. Hence we are shutting down HatupQ with immediate effect.

I know we can still hire a few people and complete the things, but, we aren’t left with enough funds to run HatupQ anymore. In 2 years of HatupQ, we found it to be the inconsistent business to be in risking my as well as employee’s careers by delaying the salaries. Unlike other successful startups, we were not funded or never had lakhs or crores of Rupees in Savings to tackle the bad situations. Also, being in Government Sector was even worse as we didn’t have control authority over the service requested and there was no scope of improvement no matter how much we improve ourselves. We had to be always dependent on Government Officials and Servers – Majority of our customers never understood this part and left them unsatisfied at the end.

So it’s with heavy heart, we will be working on our accounts to initiate the refund process for our recent customers or incomplete orders in 90 Days. 

I request you to enter your bank details here: https://goo.gl/forms/hC3c7dlafhftE8w92 so that we can deposit the eligible refunds.

You will be refunded in the following scenario:
1. Applied for LL and DL – Neither received LL nor DL. – Eligible for full refund
2. Applied for Renewal and RTO visit wasn’t scheduled. Eligible for a full refund and original DL will be couriered back. 
3. Applied for LL and DL – Received LL but DL is pending. You can either opt for completion (Which will take 1-2 weeks of time and communication will be through emails) or partial refund of Rs. 1000 per class of vehicle.

Also it’s my humble request to renewal customers to be assured that original Driving Licenses will be returned back. Please understand we can’t do anything with your DL. Kindly be patient we will share the courier number as soon as we dispatch. 

Also, we have left our offices to save some funds which will help with refunds. Our Office Building officials are not responsible for anything.

I hope you will understand the circumstances and support in this tough time. My only request is please don’t put negative reviews on Google as I will be converting HatupQ into a free source of information on Government services after 90 days. Which will help 1000s of applicants.

We would like to thank you who has been our ambassador for all support and trust shown on us till date.

Thank You,
Nikhil Kumar
Former CEO at HatupQ.